NISS designs and delivers Custom Programs based on clients’ specific needs. Targeting to fulfilling our clients’ strategic needs, our Custom Program Team closely examines our clients’ corporate strategy, vision, and corporate culture, as well as the challenges they face, and designs executive education programs customized to these specific environments and requirements, and to raise the overall management skills and operational know-how of our students.

Having an outstanding team of faculty members and management team, on top of excellent training facilities, our Custom program is highly internationalized and of the highest quality. We ensure that we understand in-depth the clients’ specific needs, and design a program that is of suitable duration, of professional standard, and is highly practical and relevant. Such programs are instrumental in helping students quickly upgrade their knowledge, expand their horizons, improve their leadership and management skills, and in turn, help push their businesses and organizations to greater heights.

Our Methodology

Our Custom Program Team will consult and work with you in designing and structuring your program. As compared to Open Program, Custom Program enjoys a much higher degree of flexibility and versatility, offering unique course combinations ranging from single-module to multi-module programs. The selection of faculty, pedagogy, delivery venue, and time is highly flexible. Mode of delivery ranges from lectures, case studies, experiential exercises, and group projects to cross-cultural sharing, etc., targeting to help you and your organization achieve your training objectives, and provide students with the highest standard of the learning experience.